10th Annual Furnace Giveaway!

We are proud to be the original founders of Lincoln’s furnace giveaway during the holidays.

For the 10th year in a row we are providing a Trane furnace, complete with installation, to warm the hearts and homes of those who have positively impacted others around them, or who need a little support. Taking the time to nominate someone is an easy way to pay it forward. Nominees could be a family member, neighbor, non-profit volunteer, service member, or a complete stranger.

Help us keep our tradition going and click on our nomination button below. Each nominee will receive a card and small gift on your behalf. We only ask that nominees own and occupy the nominated address.

Nominations are now Closed, Stay Tuned for this year’s winner announcement


Why Give-Away a Furnace?

To put it simply, because we care. Through 30+ years of being in the personal homes of our Lincoln and Lancaster County customers, we see and hear first-hand our clients’ struggles, joys, frustrations, and celebrations. We see people who reach out with little to give, and give all they have-mentally, physically, and/or monetarily. So, in the way that we know best we hope that a new furnace will secure a warm home and light it up with a reflection of hope and encouragement.


Who Can Be Nominated?

Everyone that owns and resides in the nominated home!
Recognize foster parents, volunteers, service members, nonprofits, neighbors, strangers, or friends.

We appreciate the positive effects the giveaway has had within the influence of our industry. Now there are several companies in Lincoln who have followed our lead to bring security to people’s homes. Star City Heating & Cooling has been able to build amazing relationships with those who received the furnaces in the past and we want to continue this sphere of influence for years to come.


2015 Nominator and Nominee

“I just want you to know how very, very much we appreciate your blessing Randy, Natalie, and Hunter with their new furnace & duct cleaning! I really don’t know how to thank you enough! This is way beyond anything that we ever expected or thought might happen. It is such a big deal for our precious grandson! Every chance we get, we tell people to call Star City! Thank You!”

-Scott & Susan S.

“Thank you for choosing us to get the furnace! It is working great & a lot more efficient. It was so nice that you also cleaned our air ducts! You really took a big worry off my shoulders! Hunter is doing great & I’m so happy he’s breathing cleaner air!”

– Hunter, Natalie, and Randy

Nomination Form

***We only accept nominations for owner occupied properties.****