Why Maintenance?

The heating and cooling system is like the car of your home. According to the Heat Exchanger Experts your heating and cooling system runs about 2,600 hours a year and if it could drive it would cover about 72,200 miles. Now consider that the average car travels about 15,000 miles and runs 540 hours a year, that’s significantly less than your heating and cooling system.

Preventative maintenance is to ensure your system will make it through these peak seasons comfortably and efficiently while preventing small repairs from causing more damage to your system. Breakdowns typically occur during the peak of the hot or cold seasons when the elements are pushing your system to it’s limit. Compare this to taking a long road trip without tuning up your car and checking tires. Then, along the way your car breaks down and now you’re at the mercy of having to call road side assistance.

Safety  ~  Savings  ~  Convenience  ~   Peace of Mind

Our full system maintenance ensures your furnace and air conditioning system is functioning safely and free of harmful carbon monoxide leaks.

Annual heating and cooling maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, cut down on costly break-downs and ensure  your equipment is running at peak efficiency. Maintenance will also reduce utility bills around 5-40 percent depending on size, SEER, quality of equipment, all while extending it’s service life. Another point to remember for newly installed systems is that annual maintenance is a requirement to keep your furnace and air conditioner warranty valid.

Each VIP plan includes 1 convenient trip to maintain and safety check the air conditioner and furnace all in one appointment. Your yearly supply of filters will be delivered right to your door.

Peace of Mind:
Star City’s VIP Maintenance is a proactive plan that  ensures your heating and cooling system is running safely, efficiently, and reliably throughout the year.

Why Just One Appointment?

Convenience is a large factor. Many times a client had to reschedule one of the two maintenance appointments causing the system to get behind on the maintenance it needed. We still provide our high quality service and the same 50-point checklist for each unit.

Are you questioning stepping outside the box to a single maintenance appointment? We understand, but we would still appreciate you giving it a try. Star City’s expertise and customer service has kept us in business since 1983. We only offer equipment and services that we know, trust, and are proud to put our name on.



  • 5-Years Parts and Labor Warranty
  • $0 Trip Fee within Lincoln City Limits During Regular Business Hours
  • 10 % Discount on Parts and Services
  • Yearly Filters
  • $25 Yearly Accumulation
  • 6-Year Labor Warranty on New Installs with consecutive renewals


Facts to Ponder

  • Prices guaranteed for the term of enrollment
  • Maintenance plans are great for home resale value and are able to be transferred to a new location or gifted to the buyer.
  • VIP Plans auto renew January 15th of the following year, unless specified
  • Monthly payments are required for 12 consecutive months from the initial enrollment
  • VIP Maintenance Prices are subject to change for the following year but notice will be made beforehand
  • VIP Maintenance Plans start at $17 month



“I just scheduled my annual furnace check and I’ve got to say you all are such nice people to work with. I can attest to how nice your whole team is, from who answers your phone to who comes out to my home. The behaviors are consistent among all team members … Thank you for providing such a valuable service to your customers …”  -Jaye S.