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Why should you have Maintenance?

The heating and cooling system is like the car of your home. It drives your heating and cooling all year long, and covers about 27,000 miles a year!

Star City’s seasonal maintenance cleans and inspects 50 components to ensure your heating and cooling system is efficiently working. We wish that regular maintenance prevented 100% of future furnace and air conditioner repairs, but that’s completely untrue and misleading. Preventative maintenance is still the best way to catch and prevent potential repairs from happening and from small problems turning into large ones.

Why have a Maintenance Plan?

How important is your comfort? Heating and cooling is mostly forgotten until it’s not working. How important is saving money? If you were to compare a utility bill from a non-maintained system vs. maintained system, there would be a 5-40% difference, depending on size, SEER, and equipment quality.

If those are not good enough reasons to jump on the maintenance wagon, consider these year-round benefits.

  • Validate new heating and cooling warranties
  • Reduce carbon monoxide poisoning risks
  • Increase heating and cooling efficiency
  • Lower monthly utility bills
  • Extend equipment life


When should you have Maintenance done?

The heat pump or air conditioner serves your cooling air throughout the summer, so ac maintenance is performed when the temperature is 62° or warmer, typically during the spring and summer months.

The furnace or air handler creates the cozy atmosphere during the bitter days of winter. For proper furnace inspections, the furnace equipment will need to be turned on for about 15-20 minutes.  So we recommend setting  your furnace inspection appointments during the cool days of fall.


VIP Maintenance Plan

Our unique Maintenance plan was specifically created  to give back to our customers.

Each plan includes two trips:
1 trip for the cooling system and 1 trip for the heating system and humidifier (if the humidifier upgrade is added on).

VIP Maintenance is an assurance with insurance-type benefits. It provides year-round savings, rewards, and benefits while ensuring your system is performing at optimal levels. It’s a cost- effective way to ensure your heating and cooling system operates at its fullest capacity.

Our yearly maintenance plan costs less than two separate maintenance appointments, and provides discounts when parts break down or when you want to enhance your comfort levels. VIP’s also receive 25 dollars back for each consecutive year of VIP membership to use towards a new system replacement.

Humidifiers can be added-on to upgrade your VIP plan and ensure your air quality and comfort levels are maintained. If you are interested in purchasing a humidifier, we would be glad to discuss this with you.

Our VIP seasonal maintenance plan is a proactively ensures your heating and cooling system will run as efficiently as possible, so you can comfortably live or work in your home.

VIP Rewards

VIP Memberships in good standing receive year-round rewards.

  • Priority Scheduling
  • Reminder Calls & Emails to schedule maintenance
  • 10% Discount on Parts & Services (unlimited savings)
  • Year’s worth of Free Filters  ($32 Value)
    • 4 1-Inch Filters Per Year  or  1 Media Filter Per Year
  • Humidifier Pad (with Humidifier Upgrade)
  • $25 Accumulation Towards Replacement Equipment for each year of renewal
  • 5 Year Warranty on all Star City Parts and labor
  • 6 year Labor warranty on New installations
  • 24-Hour Service – NO OVERTIME FEES (unlimited savings)


VIP Invest

Star City’s Maintenance Plan caters to your budget by providing two payment options.

1 System starting at

$17 /month or $204 /year

Additional Systems

$12 /month or $144 /year

Humidifier Upgrade

$2 /month or $24 /year

If you would like more information installing a humidifier for your home, please click here.

Single Maintenance Appointment

(Not a VIP Maintenance)

One time maintenance appointments

$106.18 per property, per system


Details to Ponder

  • Guaranteed Prices for the term of enrollment
  • Maintenance plans are good for one property location
  • VIP Plans auto renew in January of the following year, unless specified
  • Monthly payments are for 12 consecutive months from the start of the first month
  • VIP Maintenance Prices are subject to change for the following year but notice will be made beforehand
  • One time maintenance appointments (outside of the VIP plan) are $106.18 per property and system

Residential 2“I just scheduled my annual furnace check and I’ve got to say you all are such nice people to work with. I can attest to how nice your whole team is, from who answers your phone to who comes out to my home. The behaviors are consistent among all team members … Thank you for providing such a valuable service to your customers …”

  • -Jaye S.