Dependable Furnace Repair in Lincoln, NE

Having a reliable and efficient furnace that endures Lincoln, Nebraska winters will keep your household comfortable, and your energy bills affordable. But, unfortunately, a furnace may quit without warning. If it does, Star City Heating and Cooling can service any furnace make and model with our 24 hour emergency service. Our VIP members receive after hour service at no additional charge, with an extra 10 percent discount.

If your heating and cooling system still has a lot of life left then repairs make the most sense. But, if your unit is aging or deteriorating quickly due to poor installation or maintenance, a replacement may be the better choice.

Star City Heating & Cooling’s Residential Consultant can help you choose the best replacement option for your home and budget.

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Furnace Replacement in Lincoln, NE

Residential Furnace 3 top reasons to consider replacing your furnace.

  1. Cracked Heat Exchanger – a crack in the heat exchanger leaks carbon monoxide into your home. This can be a life threatening emergency that should be addressed as soon as possible. The cost of replacing a heat exchanger outweighs the cost of replacing the furnace so our typical suggestion is to replace the furnace.
  2. Continual Repairs – one bad part can wear down the other parts, affecting the overall life expectancy of the unit. Depending on the situation it may be best to replace.
  3. Age and Efficiency – A well-maintained system with annual has a life expectancy of 10-15 years. Efficiency is measured by how much energy is used to make the system run. The more energy used, the more cost to you, and the environment. Once it starts to lose it’s efficiency it may be more cost effective to replace the furnace.

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