Air Conditioner for Residential
Staying cool in summer can be just as important as staying warm in winter. Star City HVAC offers air conditioning repair services to get your air conditioning unit back in working condition no matter what make and model or who installed it.  We can also help your air conditioner cool your home by cleaning out the duct work from dust and other debris.

Need a new unit? Our no-pressure staff can talk to you about the benefits of a new air conditioning model such as saving money on your utility bills each month. We will make sure you get the right air conditioner for your home whether it be central air, window air conditioners, or even portable units.

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The Day of Your Install

Our install team is geared with ultimate customer experience protocols to ensure an accurate and thorough installation for your home or business. Depending on your individual proposal and equipment, the install may take a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 12. Before the start of the installation our Residential Consultant will introduce you to the two-member installation team you will be working with.

What You Can Expect:homeowners

  • A courteous and prompt, two-person installation team.
    • Two team members ensure an efficient and timely installation.
  • Respect for your home and belongings
    • Protective mats and shoe covers are used to protect your flooring and personal areas.
    • If pets are prone to sneak out the door, we advise taking measures to ensure they won’t have that opportunity while the workers are bringing in tools and equipment.


After the Install

  • A follow-up walk through with your Sales Consultant
    • Double-check proper installation with a state inspector
    • Time to discuss warranty information
    • Address and answer any last minute questions and/or concerns
  • A complimentary start up for each season the new unit serves
    • Because the system is new, the start-up is not a full service maintenance.
    • To validate warranties, maintenance must start the following year after the installation.


Trane Comfort Specialists Guarantee

TraneComfortSpecialistWith Star City Heating and Cooling you can relax and trust that we conduct our business in a way that will put your needs first by making the process easy, comfortable, and informative. If we don’t exceed your expectations, then we failed to meet ours.

“I always recommend Star City H & C to my friends. They’re the most affordable and professional Heating & Cooling place I’ve found.”
– Mitch L (Valued Customer)